How Essential Oils Instantly Support Healing


The 1st Delivery System is instant messaging and starts as soon as you inhale the essential oils. The cilia pick up the tiny airborne molecules and carry them to the olfactory bulb. After you apply and rub the essential oil formula onto the location of pain, congestion or infection cup your hands and inhale the essential oils for a minute or so.

The olfactory bulb is the first of our 12 cranial nerves. It is the strongest defense mechanism in the human body and is hardwired into every aspect of the bodymind. The olfactory is the only cranial nerve that is open to the environment and accessible to receiving therapeutic treatment. EO molecules offer a delivery system that instantly shifts the blood chemistry which instantly shifts how the body feels, the emotions calm down and the mind clears. The bodymind starts to work together in support of healing. Apply EOs and always inhale.

The 2nd Delivery System is by messenger – the body-brain regulator, (hypothalamus) signals the endocrine system to manufacture specific neurotransmitter signals. This interactive communication system determines what the body needs and manufactures what is required to balance: body temperature, blood sugar levels, circulation, hydration, digestion, and deep restful sleep.

Upon application and inhalation, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland signal specific organs, directing the production of natural-occurring, neurotransmitters such as stress hormones, enzymes or steroids.

The 3rd Delivery System is cell-to-cell, local delivery. As soon as the PTPH essential oil formulas are applied to the skin the tiny molecules enter into the bloodstream and immediately start working with each cell in the body to initiate the change required to heal and maintain health.