Grace & Ease Essential Oils

What is so special about Grace & Ease essential oils formulas? They were birthed from a mother’s love, concern and determination to help her young son navigate school with labels such as ADD/ADHD. 

Our essential oil formulas work holistically to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. Each formula is multi-use and multidimensional because each formula calms the emotions, clears the mind, reduces pain, inflammation, and infection. At the same time, they strengthen the connection to the five physical senses and activate all multidimensional sensory systems needed to shift or dissolve perceptional biases that no longer serve you in the present moment.

Multi uses: Generously topically apply drops upon location wherever you feel discomfort. Immediately cup your hands over your nose and inhale. Deep breathe for at least a minute. The 30 ml. sizes can be applied directly to the skin from the bottle.  All formulas blended with 50% carrier are user-friendly and skin safe.

Multidimensionally: Our formulas align the bodymind to work together efficiently so that your passion and purpose, (spirit and soul) can integrate and work powerfully together through a healthy bodymind and contribute to a greater good.

What to choose and when to use? The following is a brief introduction to each of the PTPH essential oil formulas. Click on each one to learn more.

The orange labeled formulas offer the maximin emotional support. There are three Emotional Calming Formulas: Harmonic 7, Peaceful and Emovere’.

Harmonic 7 Formula calms the body and mind and slows down triggered behavior responses. With consistent use, it clears out the stored emotional residue of living, learning. The citrus and aromatic tones of sweet flowers neutralize stress hormones and shift you into a higher vibrational state – happy healthy and calm.

Peaceful Formula gently calms and sustains peace throughout the bodymind. This soft fragrance works for men, women, and children. If you love lavender this is the emotional calming blend for you.

Emovere’ Formula is where to start when you are ready and willing to unwind the bodymind from subconscious behavior patterns and programs that keep running due to painful life experiences, or conditioning, and programming that have you trapped. Use Emovere’ Formula only during sleep time. The mystical sensation helps unwind longstanding subconscious imprints that are no longer serving you any longer.

The green labeled formulas are blended to offer the maximin physical support reducing pain, inflammation, infection, and congestion. There are three Physical Support Formulas: Body Balance, Breathe Easy and Pain.

Body Balance Formula supports all body functions and clears the mind. Use daily to help all regulating systems stay balanced and work more efficiently. Generously rub drops onto any painful or congested areas. Always inhale after you apply to help release tension and pain associated with stomachaches, headaches, and tight sore muscles. This gentle mint essence is the go-to essential oil formula to help you stay focused on tasks with a clear mind.

Breathe Easy Formula clears congestion and fights infection. This refreshing fragrance is a powerhouse when you need to dry up and clear mucus and congestion to achieve deeper breathing. Use it to sterilize and strengthen your body and home environment.

Pain Formula instantly relieves any kind of pain and tension in the body: head, stomach, muscle, and calms the nerves.

The blue labeled formulas are blended to release the trapped belief systems associated with stuck symptomatic muscle patterns. There are four Mental Support Formulas: Addiction, Deep Sleep, Thyroid, and Virus.

Addiction Formula is where to start when you are ready and willing to unwind from any type of self-destructive behaviors and habits that no longer serve you. Apply often and always inhale. Let go of the guilt and shame and heal. Your life is waiting to thrive have gratitude you are alive and put your energy on healing.

Deep Sleep Formula will quiet the mind and relax body tension allowing you to drift into deeper states of healing rem sleep. Reapply if your sleep is interrupted.

Thyroid Formula relaxes the muscle tension in the throat, neck, and jaw. Thyroid formula is a combination of powerful essential oils that strengthen and balance the thyroid. Apply often to clear stuck energy and support your personal truth with the courage to authentically self-expression.

Virus Formula is the champion for strengthening the immune system and eliminating any invaders that have found a home in your bodymind: virus, parasites, bacteria, and toxins, any type of invader that makes its way under your skin that is not in support of healing or maintaining your health.

The purple labeled formulas are beautiful fragrances that align you in your super powers. They supercharge the passion and purpose connecting you powerfully to the soul/spirit dynamic dual. They attract in what you need for your purpose here on earth school.

Alignment Formula aligns and restores your physical and spiritual body during a deep restful sleep. During the day wear it when you need strength, courage and to stay aligned in your purpose. The citrus overtones are uplifting for you and anyone around you.

Attractions Formula magnetizes strengthens your electromagnetic field so you will attract what you think and feel, so be mindful of thinking while you feel. At the same time, you will have a protective barrier guarding you against lower vibes; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It intensifies your personal vibrations and boosts your immune system.